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25 June 2006 @ 03:37 am
A&A play session update : Legacy of Zravicon, Act IV (the conclusion)  
Very well, my dear tormented readers, with this post I will actually do something useful with my LJ account, and as such post current A&A progression for discussion.

So, this Saturday our evil adventuring party has completed Act IV in the campaign Legacy of Zravicon. The party had successfully reached their destination – the village where crazy Inquisitor Teodoros was last spotted, and engaged him in action, as he was about to execute a local witch-doctor.
Inquisitor Teodoros party:
Himself, Cleric/Inquisitor of some massive spell casting powers
Crusader Commander (a warrior/paladin hybrid)
Cleric Apprentice
5x Warrior Crusaders.
Adventurer party included:
Warrior, Fire Elementalist, Infernal Warlock and Wizard-Psionic. Party was accompanied by a friendly NPC Druid Talif on a contract bases (as a payment in return for party’s help of killing off Harpy’s raiding squad in the northern villages)

The fight began with our party unleashing some heavy fire power against Inquisitor Teodoros (applauds of Crowd Control btw) and dropping him to corpse status very soon. However, the party was up for a surprise, as Inquisitor Teodoros Spirit immediately manifested himself in a ghostly form and proceeded to obliterate the party with his Divine Smite stuns. At this point party was given a hint that Inquisitor Teodoros’s ring has to be destroyed to get rid of the spirit, however driven by evil greed, party decided to do thing the hard way and juts kill the spirit and take possession of the Inquisitor’s ring.
Crusader Commander showed some awesome battle stamina and as result, thanks to his massive maul, Mr. Mielius (aka Tishar Warrior Ssss) spend 75% of the combat time STUNED =)
Our party warlock (aka Deymos) didn’t had easy time neither, as Inquisitor Teodoros picked him for his personal vendetta and unleashed a continuous wave of Smites against Deymos, but thanks to Absorption Shield (all praise Psionic) Deymos lived and Inquisitor Teodoros’ has finally been destroyed for the 2nd time now, in his ghostly form.
Inquisitor Teodoros’s crusaders made 2 attempts to recapture the Ring, which would have lead to instant resurrection of Inquisitor Teodoros, but again thanks to decent crowd control they failed. Crusader Commander almost made it to the ring but has fallen less than 10 feet away.
As an act wrap up, druids has arrived after the fight, gave their thanks and the promised Ancient Oak Wood (which party sold without even given a try to craft the Fanged Club, which saddens me cause I spend 15 minutes balancing the thing =), and the village witch-doctor lady presented party with a gift of a head Band of Seer with nice bonus to intelligence and wisdom.
The party then headed for the city, where they had lots of fun finally having their upgraded gear made, and visiting Karga the Old Hag, who made them some boiled brain potions =)
This pretty much concludes the ACT IV, party still has to take the Inquisitor Teodoros’s holy symbol and his eyes, back to high priest Cladeus and retrieve catacombs info from Taja, which would get them set on their next adventure, underground, into the slimy pits of the catacombs =)

Now the review. Well the story behind the Inquisitor Teodoros’s Ring was that it was actually crafted by the Order of Zravicon and somehow smuggled to Inquisitor Teodoros to drive him crazy. Ring made a person to zealously pursue and punish even slightest wrongdoing while committing much greater evil in the process. Zravicon's goal was to drive Inquisitor Teodoros crazy, and turn local population against the Paladin Order. Zravicon however miscalculated the power which Inquisitor Teodoros has gotten from the ring and as a result he become nearly unkillable. Even if Inquisitor Teodoros to be slained, his soul would be preserved in the Ring, and anyone putting ring on his finger would instantly become taken over by Inquisitor Teodoros spirit and he would basicly be reborn inside a new body.
The simplest way to win the battle was of course to destroy the ring as fast as possible, the party however has went the hard way in a greedy attempt to capture powerful artifact for themselves =)
Essentially GM (aka ME) has slightly underpowered Inquisitor Teodoros: his Holy Strike spells should have been far more potent – at lest twice as powerful, and his suppression of warlock’s magic should have nearly 4 times as strong which have forced the party to destroy the ring on the corpse while Inquisitor Teodoros’s Spirit was up.
As a back up plan (GM’s aces in the sleeve, and pianos in the bushes), Inquisitor Teodoros’s Spirit could have casted a “lure” spell on one of the peasants who were standing around in abundance and make him take the ring and effectively resurrect himself. If fight would have been going to hard for the party, I basically had druidic order sitting in the next bushes ready to jump out with heals revives and some thunderbolts if party would have near the wipe situation =)
Overall, a very decently managed fight, given that party had to fight in the open field rather than indoors with limited entrances, like in previous session with harpy raiding party, special applauds on the Crowd Control =)
For the future, expect your NPC caster to be a bit more fragile (on term of hit points) but far more destructive in term of spell casting =)
Current Mood: Mission Accomplished
marstheinfomagemarstheinfomage on June 25th, 2006 05:32 pm (UTC)
a) it was hinted that the ring can be recovered safely
b) we had no practical means to destroy the ring, and ignoring 6 living opponents who like to chain-stun to try to figure it out in the middle of battle is a bad thing
c) we're an evil party. what DID you expect? :)
d) stunned, shmunned - damage shields rule :)

note: the fire mage is, at the moment, ultra-specialized. having NPCs who are even more specialized than he is would be overkill. the game would literally look like:
step 1: aim
step 2: fire
step 3: all characters on the field are dead.

it would make more sense to make less overkill casters, but better balanced groups to send against us.
Juchkajuchka on June 25th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC)
ничего се сколько буковок...:) как-нить специально выделю время и почитаю. а сёдня у меня настроение ленивое:)
и, кстати, поздравляю с днём рождения твоего жж:) так ему и передай:)
Nickchaosslayer on June 25th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
Спасибо Аленкин - договорились :)
Ждем тебя на игру :)