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03 July 2006 @ 01:02 pm
A&A play session update : Legacy of Zravicon, Act V (part I)  
Well, this Saturday our party has moved on Act V, which is called Slime, Slime Down the Drain. This time party was joined by Mr. Dimich and a lady under name of Dara of some impressive role-playing skills. Despite never seeing A&A before, Dara near instantly picked on the pace of the game - my applauds =).
Anyway, the party first went to deal with an obnoxious sorcerer Zoltan and his bodyguard, both of whom put up a decent fight. Warlock Deymoss was instantly fried by lightning and Zoltan dealt quiet the amount of damage to the party. Eventually party turned victorious after careful tactics on holding sorcerer in a containment capsule. I must note that there some minor miscalculations during sorcerer fight - usage of the Blink spell wasn't exactly proper and slightly overpowered, but GM was merciful so instead of making another Blink and zapping either Wizard or Fire Mage, Zoltan decided to recast his Absorption Shield, effectively loosing 1 round of initiative which leaded to party’s victory.
After the fight party turned up with some decent loot such as Flowing Silk Cape and Ring of the Channeler.
Afterwards party decided to visit necromancer Hervald to obtain a shrunken undead skull. Hervald has directed the party to local cemetery to obtain some undead skulls. Parties has successfully obtained a few skulls and awaken a zombie warlord who was really pissed and even smacked down Olkhen the Fire mage with a single blow of his Halberd. Party of course turned victorious at the end.
Next session party will finally be headed down to catacombs to locate the Memorial Chamber. While preparations for the crawl were simple enough, the crawl itself will not be that easy.... Mhahahahahahaha...
Current Mood: Mhahahahahahaha...
(Anonymous) on July 3rd, 2006 06:04 pm (UTC)
/eat slime